Practical snippets for successful remote teams.

Responding to the digital skills gap As a remote talent platform that helps global businesses fulfil their hiring needs, we keep a

The five-step guide for effective remote training The workplace has been transformed since the Covid-19 pandemic, and in this new era of

Four ways to increase retention at remote workplaces Working remotely, onshore or offshore, has become a key employee demand globally in the

How managing teams is different in the remote era Over two years since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the workplace, it has become

How is remote work working out for women? The world of work after the Covid-19 pandemic has not returned to the previous

Managing cultural differences with offshore teams Building and integrating offshore teams is now an integral part of how most companies, big or

What does AI mean for the future of jobs? It seems that artificial intelligence, or AI, has reached an inflexion point. Automation

Sales outsourcing: weighing the pros and cons Sales outsourcing is the business practice of leveraging additional salespeople outside of your company, typically

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