Navigating the Future of Work: In-Depth Articles on Remote Work, Offshoring, and Outsourcing.​

Remote Work and the New Era of Globalisation Key highlights Remote work will drive forward the latest wave of globalisation, which will

The Future of Remote Work Key highlights The share of fully remote or hybrid job postings in Western developed markets remains at

How to Avoid Outsourcing Pitfalls Key highlights The success or failure of outsourcing depends on multiple factors, requiring a strategic assessment framework.

The cost saving potential of back office outsourcing Key highlights The global back office outsourcing market, also known as business process outsourcing

Evidence-based Insights on Remote Work and Productivity Key highlights Managers generally tend to believe that productivity suffers in a remote work environment,

Australia labour market update 2023 For our first edition of this year, we dug into the latest employment data to forecast key

Outsourcing is now about remote hiring Outsourcing has been around for a quite a while, predating the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the

Hiring isn’t getting easier anytime soon There has been some speculation that the slowing down of major global economies may also put

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